Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C2E2- a crazy weekend

Favorite moment- Hearing someone say (in front of red carpet backdrop) "I'm Tara Reid!" while pulling his shirt down. Oh yeah that was me...
So much fun. So many people to thank for kindness and support. Andrew Pepoy is the nicest guy in the world! Thanks goes out to Franchesco, Chris Mitten, Dirk Manning, Z. M. Thomas (and his smoking hot wife), Jill Thompson, Samantha LaFountaine (thanks for the hand written thank you note! you're too kind!), Mark Taylor, Greg and Fake, Jon Lennon, Ed Lee (and his brother) and anyone I missed! I feel really bad about not getting to enough people to pick up their work. I only gave myself a 30 minute run around on Sunday and I didn't pick up a quarter of the stuff I wanted to get.

Last but not least- the fans who took a chance on HWID, Zurg, The Carriers, Gross Grandpa, and Steve Schnauzer. I know how many times I have picked up a self published book and been disappointed. I know that every time I buy something weird or obscure that it is a gamble so the fact that you guys gave us a chance means a ton to us. We hope we defied your expectations and that you stick with us. See you at Summit City Con May 12th in Fort Wayne, INDIANA. New books will be out soon. I have some commissions to wrap up after the show then on to HWID #2 (full color! Fully Painted!). Here is a Wonder Woman painting that I wrapped up today. I just wanted to see how it would look if I drew her. That's all.
Hit me up on Facebook and Twitter; I want to hear what you thought of the new books we put out.

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