Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Bright future

So we are about ten days to go before we meet/fail to meet our kickstarter goal for the collected edition of The Carriers. Megan and I just wrapped up our move to our new place. New town, new studio space, and potentially new jobs for the both of us.
The Kickstarter campaign has been a valuable lesson in marketing. If I would give advice to anyone thinking about doing a Kickstarter it would be this- connect your project with the nearest metropolitan area. For my campaign I said I am from Whitewater. This was stupid because it limits the number of people that are going to find my project based on location. I should have said I am based out of Chicago. Chicago is where I do most of my shows and Chicago has a much more interested audience. So lesson learned. Next time i will make that adjustment.

I am also working on a new project that will be sort of like my own version of Heavy Metal Magazine. A bunch of short stories illustrated by myself and the other Cuddlefish Comics guys as well as artist profiles about our friends and show diaries from the various conventions we go to. Early stages at this point but I really like the idea.

The new apartment has really kicked up my creativity so expect over the next few weeks to see a lot more work out of me.