Thursday, June 25, 2009


the last few weeks in between doing pages for The Carriers, I have been working on refining my colors and brush use. The one thing I've learned from the second issue of The Carriers is that my current way of working is too proceedural. I follow the same process every time. This is great for consistency but it tends to slow me down and keep me from experimenting. In the third issue I hope to start to morph my style toward an even more painterly approach. I have been heavily inspired by the work of Jamie Jones, John Singer-Sargent, and Whit Brachna. I want to move toward more controlled palettes and dry media brush work. I still want to retain some of my linework within this new approach but I will no longer be using a 50% grey to block in shadows. I will be trying to use straight color to describe light and shadow.
This is my attempt to connect my digital work with my traditional sensibilities. Hopefully I can continue to grow as a painter over the next few months and make The Carriers even better!