Sunday, July 21, 2013

Relative Space

So the last two weekends were absolutely insane! I had to pencil ink and color 10 pages for the awesome Aaron Walther and his anthology Science Hero (available at this year's Wizard World Chicago). I'm pretty happy with the outcome and the process was a revelation for me- going fast is good! Comics aren't about perfection. Its about the story. Tell the story in as pretty of a way as possible as fast as possible so the reader doesn't lose interest. 

Wizard Chicago
This year I decided to take a break from this show. Last year wasn't really all that great for me. The new layout, the lack of organization, my own personal lack of enthusiasm for the show led me to this decision. I couldn't get motivated to commit the time and money to it this year. I will go visit for a day as a spectator but really that's just to catch up with friends. I am thinking about doing it next year but it depends on if this year is any better. There are a lot of shows that I would much rather do (Emerald City, Heroes, New York) and I am starting to make plans to attend them.