Thursday, February 10, 2011

So for the last week I have had this idea that I could model out some base meshes for the comic. These would be simple anatomy models that could be posed and serve as layouts. I got the idea from animatics for movies. That the simple model gives you an idea of the movement of the character through the scene. So I got to work. I built the girl model from a male base (bad idea!). It took a lot of time. I built the highres then did a retopography in zbrush. This is the most advanced retopography I have ever done. Took a lot of work but I also learned a ton of tricks. So I have a male model and a female model. Guns and cars and stuff like that. I hope to integrate this into my art as soon as possible. I know it will be really tough at first but I think it should allow more realism to my work.