Thursday, June 28, 2012

Captain America

So I have been busy but not productive. I feel like I have a pretty firm grasp on Manga Studio for inking now. I have been working on a previz method that has produced some interesting results. I was drawing right on top of the renders from zbrush but I soon got tired of it. I know a lot of artists are doing this method but it is just too rigid for me. The results look fantastic but I kept questioning the validity of the lines I was making. Was this a line that I decided to make or was the 3d mesh making that decision. My proportions were all predetermined based on the base model. The happy medium I have come to is doing previz in 3d, printing it out to size and using it as a reference for the final art. This way I can be looser with my penciling and still have the safety net of the previz to lightbox if something proves too difficult to just freehand in (for example a tank with treads ripping apart all in perfect perspective. I can light box that and not feel guilty).

I have been writing my next book. I am really excited about this book. I have an interesting distribution plan and a really solid marketing plan for it. I think its the best thing I've ever written. Megan is hard at work on the next HWID. I handed over all writing duties to her so I can focus on the new project.

Expect a lot of updating in the next few months. I have broke free of the slump and have been putting together some cool things that I cant wait to show. In the meantime enjoy this pinup of ol' Captain America posing all deliberately.