Friday, March 23, 2012

All the cool kids know about this....

So many cool things are going to be coming out in time for C2e2 this year.
Jake Rueth put together an amazing book called Zurg. Basically it is Alice in Wonderland if Wonderland existed inside an off brand Mp3 player. I can't stress this enough- IT IS AWESOME. Check out Jake and Zurg at our booth L16 at C2e2!

Also cool news-
Josh Filer has a short story in Jon M. Lennon's book Product of Society #5 called Moon Shits. If you know Josh's work then I shouldn't really have to describe it. If you don't know Josh's work... What the heck is wrong with you?

Josh just wrapped up Gross Grandpa #2 and is on a mad dash to get it printed in time for me to bring copies to C2E2. He wont be there because for some reason he thinks that being there for the birth of his first born son is more important. But don't fret... I will be there selling his offensive materials as if they were my own.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

HWID #1 preview 5pgs

Zero's Heroes

Hey everybody! Just wanted to show some work I did for . I was working on a new coloring style that I actually really like. I am working on combining more traditional medium into my work. Here I used Yarka watercolor on a separate piece of bristol after finishing the inks. This served as an underpainting for the final pages. In the future I will be making two changes. 1. More digital work to flesh out the work (for cover work that means more digital painting ala The Carrier; interiors will need more layers of flat colors to break up space). 2. I am going to use these watercolor pencils that I got from my brother for Christmas. I always thought watercolor pencils were crap, but these are actually really nice and do a good job on detail work.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


This started as a sketch on board then scanned and cleaned up then printed back to the board watercolor then ink scanned again then digital painting on top. Wow busy day. Hopefully I can get the BLACK AND WHITE convention edition (signed and numbered) out in time for C2E2. A color edition will be available soon after through Graphicly.