Monday, October 17, 2011

Some new pages

So based on a few economic conditions I am pushed to make certain creative decisions for HWID. This is just reality creeping in. HWID will be painted black and white full value scale. This is for the same reason that I outlined in an earlier post. Fact is... it will cost me half as much to print Steve The Schnauzer than it does to print The Carriers. Do I love full color? Of course I love it. The cost to print color on a large scale has become prohibitive. If you look around the indie comic scene you can see why I did The Carriers in color. To stand out! And The Carriers does stand out. It's very different from any other indie book out there.
HWID will have to be black and white with full grays. As for The Carriers #4- I will be printing it as a single issue full color very limited print run. I wanted and still want to create a Collected Edition of The Carriers. I will probably be taking another stab at a Kickstarter for that though... its crazy expensive to print a trade paperback!
So Steve The Schnauzer and HWID will be printed black and white. Future issues of The Carriers will be in color. The Carriers will just have to have small print runs and only be available at conventions.
I have just started writing the final draft of the script of HWID and the plot of the second volume of The Carriers.
Expect lots more.... As always.

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