Monday, January 9, 2012

The Carriers #4 is donezo = Happy Birthday to me!

So yeah here is the last page of Volume 1 of The Carriers. This took forever to do! Not just this page but the entire book! I have learned so much though that it was all worth it. The next book will seem like a departure from The Carriers but in actuality it will just be introducing some of the changes to my style that I thought would be too jarring to implement in the middle of a book. These changes should help me go faster and push my art in the direction that seems most natural. HWID's plot is done and I am moving on to scripting. I really want to get the thing done for C2E2... Oh yeah hey! I got into C2E2! Yay me! Josh wont be able to attend this year but Gross Grandpa #2 should be ready in time. Jake will be boothing up with me. I get to get all jealous over all the girls he sells his art to. This guy kills at shows. He owes me a Carriers pin up too! I've been wanting one for like forever!
Carriers #4 goes to print this Friday! Steve Schnauzer should be back from the printers this week.

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