Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh yeah folks I forgot to post about C2e2! What an amazing show. I was in Artists alley. We killed it! between The Carriers and our other book Gross Grandpa we took home a small pirate's chest full of cash. Saw old friends and made new ones. I loved seeing some of the folks that I caricatured as zombies at previous shows walking around the show floor. I think it made them smile when I would yell out "Hey I know you! I drew you at Wizard World!"
C2E2 was a much more creator centered show than Wizard World was. We actually met people who could get us work in the industry which was nice. Oh and we got interviewed a few times. Best one by far was the bleeding cool interview. The article describes THE CARRIERS as Final fantasy meets mohawks meets a rainbow!
I just frigging loved it! That is going on the cover of the next book If I can use the quote.

Issue Four is coming along. I am continuing to refine my style and process. Trying to find a balance between two very different approaches. Both approaches have pros and cons to them. So I mix the two approaches to find something in-between.

We have been working on building a collaboration called Cuddlefish Comics. It is a partnership between Josh Filer, Jake Rueth, and myself. We are planning some really neat things that will be seeing the light of day in the next year or so. I have been getting some work done on my new horror book. It will be awesome!
Josh is working on the second issue of Gross Grandpa! and Jake is working on all sorts of magical awesomesauce.

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