Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pixar Rant and Page 14

The other night I watched the Pixar Shorts DVD. The shorts were not the best part for me. For me it was the documentary on Lasseter and the early days of Pixar. It made me think of the early days of this comic. The early days that the comic is still in. The early Pixar Shorts were terrible! But they kept building on the successes of the last short and advancing their work to the next level. I have brought that mentality to The Carriers since the beginning. I want the next page to be better than the last page. That way I don't get completely burnt out from comics. I find new methods and new techniques in every panel. That is why it sometimes takes awhile for pages to hit but everything is getting better from page to page (I hope). Huge amounts of inspiration was pulled out of that documentary. I know that making this comic is hard work but the creative endeavor is worth the work for me. Not saying The Carriers is going to be the next Pixar or anything but seeing where they started was amazing.

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