Friday, November 26, 2010

chapter 3 page 12

New page of The Carriers page 12. I have the rest of the book about done but I haven't wrapped up the third issue. Working on it though. Going as fast as I can right now after hours from work. It's been an interesting month or two here. Lots of changes and big things happening. Going to be wrapping up this issue and starting on the fourth issue within this next month. Printing issue #3 and doing all the prep work for next years convention season. Megan and I are working on a secret project and I am doing another side project this next year that I am totally excited for. I will be reworking the base website for The Carriers as a blogspot website much in the same way that has it.


Rhyknowscerious Dickearous said...

You're my favorite artist!

Kevin Bandt COnCepTs said...

well, you are my favorite Rhyknowscerious